Our Story

Tropic House Swim was founded in 2018 by Liz Dippold in sunny south Florida! Having moved to Florida from New York a few years ago, her style brings New York chic to the Miami heat!

Fast fashion is out, sustainable fashion is in! We believe in quality over quantity and also in offering fair prices. Our new styles will be made from a recycled plastic fabric that is just as comfy as our other fabrics! We are able to keep our high quality products at a fair price by not reselling our suits to big stores, so you can only find our styles right here!

We know it can be scary to order online from a brand if you've never ordered from there before, but less than 5% of our customers exchange their swimwear and the majority of them come back! Why? We like to think it's because we offer comfortable styles with a great fit and high quality fabrics! We design our styles in the U.S. so that you get the fit you're used to. Plus, you can find a ton of info on here so that you get the right fit the first time! Any questions? Just message us through our contact page or on social media, we're here to help! @TropicHouseSwim 

Do you want to join the Tropic House squad? We are always looking for ambassadors who share our love for the ocean and sustainability as well as stylists who want to earn money hosting parties online or in person! Reach out to us on our contact page to see how we can work together!