Are you contributing to "swimmer pollution"?

In 2021 it is common knowledge that everyone must  do their part to take care of our home, planet Earth. Maybe you've been reducing your use of plastic goods or have been more mindful of your water usage. However, some ways of caring for the earth are less obvious than others.

We all know that we shouldn't throw garbage in the ocean (well, most of us) but it seems like our  sunscreen could be doing just as much harm. A chemical called "Oxybenzone", which is found in most sunscreen brands, is threatening coral reefs around the world. Even if you don't enter the water, the chemical can still enter the sewers through shower systems as well as from urine since the chemical gets absorbed into the skin. Not only does this chemical threaten the coral reefs but it is also toxic to algae, sea urchins, fish and mammals. 

The most vulnerable reefs are the ones in popular tourist areas such as Hawaii. Luckily, Hawaii has taken a step in the right direction and passed a law to ban sunscreen containing certain ingrediants. We need many more states to pass this law though to make a difference.

So, what can we do about this? We can stop buying sunscreen with these chemicals. There are many  mineral based physical sunscreens that offer the same protection without the harmful chemicals!

Click on the link below to see some safer sunscreen options for sale on Amazon. (Just think, if these chemicals are bad for ocean life, can we be sure that they are even safe for our bodies)? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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