End the dog meat trade

Dogs are man's best friend and should be treated that way. It is difficult to even think about, but in some countries this is not the case. Millions of dogs are killed each year for human consumption in China, India, South Korea, and more.

We have decided to donate a % of every sale to the Humane Society who works tirelessly to educate people and governments about the cruel realities of this trade and to not only save thousands of dogs from tiny cages but to stop future suffering.

The Humane Society uses donations to work with the owners of these farms to shut them down and help them to start a crop, water, or other cruelty free business. Many business owners want to get out of the dog meat industry due to societal pressure but don't have the means to do so without The Humane Society. You can visit their website to see all of the issues they are fighting and exactly where your money will go. You can also donate directly to them at ❤

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