A list of things that are more likely than a shark attack

Happy shark week!

We've all had that feeling before.. You're swimming in the ocean without a care in the world, the sun is warming your skin, you're laughing with your friends, when suddenly.. SOMETHING HITS YOUR LEG. Next time this happens, just remember, all of the things listed below are more likely to happen than a shark attack.  

Being injured by a toilet (96.4 in 100,000)

Living to 100 years old (1.73 in 10,000)

Dying from a hornet, wasp, or bee sting (1 in 63,225)

Being born with extra fingers or toes (Polydactyly; 1 in 500)

Catching a foul ball (1 in 680)

Dying from a gunshot wound (1 in 6,905)

Making a hole in one on a par 3 hole (1 in 12,500 amateur golfers)

Dying from a fall (1 in 127)

Being hit by a comet or asteroid (1 in 75,000)

Having conjoined twins (1 in 200,000)

Getting struck by lightning (94 in a million)

Dieing while scuba diving. (Over 100 people a year die, some from unknown causes)

Getting dealt a full house in poker (1 in 693)

Being killed by a falling aircraft. 

Winning a Nobel Prize

Being attacked by a dog (1 in 112,400)


Odds of being attacked by a shark: 1 in 3,748,067 


So, go enjoy your summer! Jump off that boat, swim in the ocean, go scuba diving (or maybe just snorkeling)! Like your mom says "sharks are more afraid of you than you are of them).


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